Tools that facilitate the creation, sharing and exchange of information and ideas like Google Docs and FAQs.

  • System used for managing board meeting activities. Tool is not available for general University use.

  • System that provide collaborative web tools including the FAQs and wiki Spaces. Managed by OneIT, content provided by OneIT and departments across campus.

  • Digital Signage Displays provide content such as digital images, videos, announcements, web pages and campus alert notifications. OneIT provides support for the AppSpace Digital Signage software application that is used for publishing media to these displays. The Learning Space Technology Team provides hardware purchase and installation services for this solution.

  • System supported by Client Engagement that provides digital content management for digital signage.

  • Google Chat allows users at UNC Charlotte to securely communicate (chat via instant message) with others with NinerNET accounts.

  • OneIT offered service providing word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs via web-based access. NinerNET credentials are required. Available to everyone at the University with a NinerNET account.

  • Online video-sharing platform offered by Google.

  • G Suite Marketplace Apps are third party applications that are available to be integrated with Google core applications. Requires authorization/approval from OneIT before installation.

  • Tool for collaboration and sharing used by OneIT.