Media Production

Broadcast and media production and provider services.

  • Video editing operations associated with Athletic team operations - game preparations, scouting, recruitment.

  • Cable television services that are provided at Athletic facilities for press, athletic teams and event attendees.

  • Service for the support and management of a closed circuit television systems at the University.

  • University Communications provided service that can stream university video content.

  • Service supported by SUAR IT that offers digital music.

  • Services related to providing and supporting Radio Free Charlotte. Service is broadcast using the IceCast Radio application.

  • Service provided by AISLE for the production of non-academic media and videos. Fees will be incurred for these services.

  • Services provided by the Athletics Department specifically for display on athletic facilities scoreboards and digital displays as well as for use in Athletic Department promotions.

  • Video production workstations that are offered by the Career Center for the recording and review of mock interview sessions.