Services and equipment that support wired and wireless network connectivity.

  • Service providing internet connectivity in Residence Halls. If you are having issues, please contact the Apogee Service Desk by calling 855-465-6729, texting "ResNet" to 84700, or by chat at

  • Service offered by departments in collaboration with OneIT, for the management and support of network subnets specific to the department.

  • Networking service supported by OneIT that provides IP addresses to devices on campus. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

  • Networking service supported by OneIT that provides a directory of domain names to IP addresses. DNS stands for Domain Name Servers.

  • Network components that are managed by Facilities Management that are used for the automation of building management systems.

  • System available to campus for direct connection of devices to the internet.

  • The primary wireless network for campus is eduroam. It offers secure, world-wide, roaming access developed for the international research and education community.