Secure Computing

Services that provide network, system and application security like VPN, Duo and antivirus software.

  • Software provided by OneIT that is used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software.

  • DUO provides a second factor of authentication beyond username and password. Customers with access to sensitive data or those who simply want an additional layer of security can request DUO.

  • System or network that is designed to block unauthorized access to University resources while permitting outward communication. Campus firewall is maintained by OneIT.

  • Encrypted hard drives offer an added layer of security to data stored on computers in the event of a device is lost or stolen. Machines setup by OneIT will have encrypted hard drives. Bitlocker is used for Windows computers; FileVault is used for Mac computers.

  • MosaicAnywhere is a way to run a Mosaic Windows session remotely from almost any computer. As long as a computer is connected to the Internet you can use built in Windows utilities and the UNCC VPN to connect to a Mosaic session.

  • Services offered by departments to ensure data security regarding computers and devices used in research remain in compliance with University standards.

  • UNC Charlotte has partnered with the InCommon Certificate Service to provide unlimited SSL certificates to UNC Charlotte colleges and departments. Use the below links to generate certificates.

  • Service offered to allow a secure private connection to the University's network from remote locations.